Friday, July 1, 2011

Blogspot goes haywire

Hello y'all,
We are currently underway with 2 kn of favorable current but very light winds under sunny skies in Long Island Sound enroute to Three Mile Harbor next to Sag Harbor and only 3 miles from East Hampton where the Barefoot Contessa has a cafe and estate where I believe she tapes her cooking shows. breath! I know my writing skills are atrocious so to all my newspaper design professors and English teachers, I greatly apologize.

I would like to ask for forgiveness for posting a piece that was full of typos! Blogspot would not let me edit and at times changes what I am trying to spell!! It's worse than someone talking when you are talking!
At this time, I am unable to edit a post. I have been trying all day with nothing but frustration to show. Since frustration is not what I signed up for on this cruise, I may have to publish another crazy spelled post.
I will give it a lil while longer then post anyway.
"Letting go of frustration on the high seas"

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