Thursday, June 30, 2011

Laying over at Sandy Hook & Atlantic Highlands, NJ

We anchored Sunday night at Horseshoe Cove at Sandy Hook, NJ. after sailing up the jersey coast from Barnegat Light, NJ. after a good nights rest we motored a few miles into the harbor at Atlantic Highlands. On the way in, we spied small skiffs with funny square tarps rigged as sails using 2 wooden poles to hold the sail aloft. They would drift slowly while the fisherman shook a 25ft flexible pole with a basket like shovel end. The shaking action was to remove sand we supposed. The man brought up the pole as he doused his sail and emptied the basket which was full of clams! Interesting to watch this primitive way of harvesting from the sea!

On approach to Atl Highlds, the setting is lovely,as the land builds up like a small mountain covered in trees with the occasional cottage peeking thru.
After "the works", we took mooring ball for 2 nights. We had a great afternoon of Exercise walking the Bayshore trail where C hunted and found sea glass. We also met a couple from Brit. Columbia on a 55ft Fleming trawler.
: bob short and his friend Carrie. We met for BBQ that night.Bob said he would like to follow us thru the city as we had traversed it before.
the next day was spent getting groceries and doing laundry.the weather has been sunny and cool ,and it has been fun watching the highspeed ferry take new Yorkers in to the city to work and small charter fishing boats go in and out.

C. enjoyed the "flaky Tart" a fantastic bakery unfortunately not much gluten free.the owner and pastry chef, Marie, is a great gal.
We left Atl Highlds at 1100 on Wed June 29.

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