Friday, July 15, 2011

Provincetown,Mass. at the tip of Cape Cod

Good Morning!
Two days ago from half way across Cape Cod Bay(10 miles out) we saw the usual look of distant land and one lone vertical object. Surely a lighthouse, I thought. Once in the harbor we knew it was not a lighthouse, but some special tower. It was the Pilgrim monument erected to commemorate the first landing of the pilgrims here in 1620. It rises 252 feet and still is the tallest all-granite structure in the US. The first cornerstone was laid in 1907 by Pres Roosevelt and dedicated by Pres Taft in 1910. I climbed the tower not once but twice as I needed a good workout after sitting on the boat. It's not a bad climb as it has 116 steps and 60 ramps, and it only took me 5 mins to get to the top. The view of the harbor and the town as well as the natural seashore was worth the effort!

We enjoyed reminiscing about our first trip here with Sandra and Inge Holman some 15 or so years ago. We had met them in Kittery, Me. And traveled with them for a long weekend. It was October, and had timed our visit miraculously with the height of color! That visit is probably what has driven me this far on Second Wind. The water,majestic lighthouses and small towns are calling me back. We revisited the Lobster pot Restaurant last night and while some of the town has changed the food at the L. Pot has not. Wonderfully fresh! Thank you, Sandra and Inge for your most notable gift: generosity.
Last night we saw the moonrise and this morning I saw it set. Being this close to creation and seeing those special movements which occur and change quite quickly is what I love about this time inboard.
We leave shortly for Gloucester on the mainland. We expect to see a humpback whale as they tell us you only need a little luck , and we have more than that I feel.

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