Sunday, July 24, 2011

We love it here, but I guess we should go east!

We departed Biddeford Pool with it's Tiny 4 room clubhouse for Boothbay Harbor Maine. I was wondering how it would be with more activity in the harbor- I was getting used to quiet small harbors.
The wind was on our stern and very light so we had t
Our first day with very little sailing. We kept the main out most of the day for stabilization. We passed the spectacular Sequin island, Maine. You must google this island as it is mammoth in height and holds the last lighthouses with a fresnel lens. The others have been changed out to solar, but the people petitioned the coast guard to leave this one as it is very significant even in navigation today and it needs a bright light not a solar one that may not shine strongly all the time. You must google it for a photo!! It is a very old light asGeorge Washington signed the deed for the land a d it has held a light I bieve since the late 1700s.
We arrived into Boothbay Harbor around 2:30 and found them to be having an unusually hot afternoon- 95! it cooled down at 7pm and has been nice ever since then.
The harbor is smaller and quieter than either of us expected. It offers 20 us restaurants and neat locally owned nice shops and galleries and a free trolley that will take you to the large grocery a few miles away and it circles every 30 minutes. The marina loaned us a car to drive 4 miles to the campground to fill our spare propane tank.

I called Dondy and Tom Buckley from Christ church and found that 3 other couples from Christ Church were also vacationing here this week! We met the Boneys, the carltons,
the Modjeskis at The Buckleys for dinner last night and boy were they surprised to see us!
We are enjoying the lobster and Haddock!
After an adjustment on the autopilot, we will travel just 12 miles east to Long Cove where Bill Addison has a summer cottage And a mooring ball! We look forward to meeting his wife- they are also members of Christ Church.This morning, We enjoyed a pancake breakfast onboard with Muffet and Ed Crowell who drove over from Harrison, Me.
Time to turn in as the lobstermen can't lobster on Sundays so they will be raring to go tomorrow, Monday.

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