Sunday, July 24, 2011

Too beautiful to spend time writing!

This Maine country is so wonderful!
We did indeed have silence with our coffee on Wed. Once we felt the fog/ haze was navigable, we left Isle of Shoals for the mainland, Biddeford Pool Maine about 38 miles east as they say. Up here you are either going "down east" (which is really up northeast)or you are going south.

We had a good day of sailing and entered the more narrow entrance to Wood Island Harbor between Wood island and the neck. We had reserved a mooring that morning and were glad to know we would have a snug spot. We did make note of where others anchored for future visits. The pool is like a pond that nearly empties to a puddle at low tide! Only small craft in there. First time I have ever gone forward to pick up the tether to a mooring to find the lines running with the current opposite the 12 knot breeze! Made 3 passes and I finally got it!I have a patient husband.
The town is really a few B&Bs, grocery/restaurant with the most fabulous views of the rocky islands and moored boats, and a shop or 2. Great walking past well kept summer cottages, private golf club where they walk and carry their clubs
And a simple old Episcopal church high on a hill with a view of the entire neck and waterways.Also enjoyed walking an Audubon trail out to east point that overlooked our entrance from the Atlantic- huge rocky cliffs with waves crashing on them and the sound of the ocean waves was so loud and left me in awe.
Lynda and Andy Creed were at their cabin in New Hampshire so the drove over and met us for lunch! It was so good to see good friends. we make acquaintances
But spend alot of time on our own so seeing them was real therapy! Thank you Lynda and Andywe departed Friday for a 36 mile sail up to Boothbay Harbor.

alot of to
E on our own.

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