Sunday, July 24, 2011

Encountering Wildlife

I have been meaning to tell you while we did not make eye contact with a whale as of yet, we were surrounded by a school of dolphin half way from Gloucester to the Isle of ShoAls! D. Had seen some ripples on the water when the wind grew light then he exclaimed a few minutes later"look!" I saw the long, lean bodies of porpoise 4 - 8 feet below the surface of the wAter about to swim under the boat and others following close behind. Their long, lean bodies with white tummies were so amazing! They stayed with us a few moments then traveled on to the south. Then just 5 miles from
The Isle of Shoals a single grey seal surfaced 20 yards
Away and swam along near us before disappearing.
Then on the way to Biddeford we encountered some 40 black flies over the course of the day they landed on board and wanted to make us their lunch and dinner. We swatted flies til they were all lying dead in the cockpit. this encounter was not as great as the dolphin and seal sightings, but nothing is perfect.

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