Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So close but no introduction

Alas, we sailed through Cape Cod Bay with whales nearby yet none surfaced close to us. Truth be told, we were quite busy tending sails, watching for lobster pots floating in the water especially on the port side behind the jib. Several whale watching boats powered thru the Cape from Boston. If we had not had such a good many miles to get to Gloucester, we would have sailed further east to Stellwagen Banks where the whale watchers go.
They were there. we were there, but no introduction.
The last half of the day was a motor sail as the wind was on our nose, but it became more favorable and the wind increased so that we nearly sailed into Gloucester Harbor.
We called the harbormasters Ofc to arrange to take a mooring as close to town as possible. We were directed past red marker 10 just past Ten Pound Island. We picked one up and found out we had been misdirected and were on a private mooring. The Beneteau on the mooring next door said the owners boat was hauled out for some reason and that we might just stay on it for the weekend so we did! We enjoyed the town and hunting and finding sea glass on Ten Pound Island.
Sunday we did laundry and hiked a short way to a Connolly Seafood Mkt. Where we got 4 lobster for $24!!
We boiled them all and had plenty for Lobster salad the next day.
We took the local bus to Rockport, the famous art colony for lunch one day. The bus driver knew everyone along the roads route, and he honked and waved to them all. He gave us tips and named every love cove we passed. Just 40 mes from Boston and all this lovely water and cool temps!

We departed Gloucester this morning and arrived at the Isle of Shoals in MAINE waters! We are so excited to be in Maine! These 7-8 islands are 6 miles from Portsmith, New Ha
Lahore 6 miles away due west.
The word shoals also means "schools" as in schools of codfish which were in abundance in the early days when this was an English cony. It was the most valuable to the Crown because of it abundant schools or shoals of cod.
A lovely night with only 28 drawbacks... Three boats arrived with 28 middle schoolers for an overnight. 28 kids all trying to out talk the other. Oh well, maybe they will sleep in and we can have coffee in the cockpit to utter sence in the morning.

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