Monday, July 4, 2011

NY City here we come!!

D had studied the Bible of cruising the northeast:Eldridge's Guide to tides and current to plan our trip. We enter from The southeast thru Lower Bay, and once under the Ft Wadsworth Bridge (to Staten Island), we enter the narrows, pass the Battery enter the East River and continue past Roosevelt to . The East river is only 1 of 2 rivers in the U.S. That has 2 mouths. Currents ebbing and flooding must be timed so to make your passage safely and efficiently. One times arrival at these different points so that the current helps you or doesn't hurt your speed much. Our new AIS receiver that identifies large vessels and their courses showed so many parked vessels that we had to disengage it in order to see the route onthe chartplotter! Most ships were anchored and the activity was only from ferries.
We had 10-18 knots of favorable wind thru the day so we were cool and comfortable tho surrounded by skyscrapers . We ended the day strong with 18 knots of wind on a reach to Manhasset Bay: city of Port Washington on Long Island. We took a free town mooring and enjoyed a new recipe of blueberry salsa! If you like cilantro, lemon, red bell pepper, jalapeƱos then you will love this with chips!

Thursday, june 30
Up to A beautiful sunrise and a leisurely breakfast. We've decided to travel on thinking about Maine! To come. Underway at 10:30 in route to Port Jefferson, Long Island N.Y. Winds started out lih
Ghy but filled in at 1200: 13 kn from The north.
Speed 6.5 knots with 1 kn of favorable current. D is wearing his Indian Jpnes hat! Maybe a photo will be forthcoming as I downloaded an apication for the iPhone. I have no idea what I am doing ectronically,but if you ask me about blueberry ssa I know it all!

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