Thursday, June 30, 2011

Laying over at Sandy Hook & Atlantic Highlands, NJ

We anchored Sunday night at Horseshoe Cove at Sandy Hook, NJ. after sailing up the jersey coast from Barnegat Light, NJ. after a good nights rest we motored a few miles into the harbor at Atlantic Highlands. On the way in, we spied small skiffs with funny square tarps rigged as sails using 2 wooden poles to hold the sail aloft. They would drift slowly while the fisherman shook a 25ft flexible pole with a basket like shovel end. The shaking action was to remove sand we supposed. The man brought up the pole as he doused his sail and emptied the basket which was full of clams! Interesting to watch this primitive way of harvesting from the sea!

On approach to Atl Highlds, the setting is lovely,as the land builds up like a small mountain covered in trees with the occasional cottage peeking thru.
After "the works", we took mooring ball for 2 nights. We had a great afternoon of Exercise walking the Bayshore trail where C hunted and found sea glass. We also met a couple from Brit. Columbia on a 55ft Fleming trawler.
: bob short and his friend Carrie. We met for BBQ that night.Bob said he would like to follow us thru the city as we had traversed it before.
the next day was spent getting groceries and doing laundry.the weather has been sunny and cool ,and it has been fun watching the highspeed ferry take new Yorkers in to the city to work and small charter fishing boats go in and out.

C. enjoyed the "flaky Tart" a fantastic bakery unfortunately not much gluten free.the owner and pastry chef, Marie, is a great gal.
We left Atl Highlds at 1100 on Wed June 29.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Beautiful Jersey Coast, continued

Our last post was not complete. The iPod gods would not let me add morunto our post but at least finally let us publish what we had! We love this iPod and hate it all at once!

The basin behind Rum Pt. Was fantastic! Plenty of room for 10 or more boats.lush grasses growing all the way to the shoreline edged with 2story condos. A nice contrast to the concrete and glitzy highrises just across the channel. Good night photo of the Harrah's casino
Seven stars. Can anyone tell us how to take a photo taken on the iPod and post it on the blog????
Storms were occurring in other areas of Atl. city that late Aftn so winds built to 20 knots but we had good holding with our anchor set by Capt. David.

We enjoyed salmon with bluberries in sauce using the New Jersey blueberry wine given to us by Utsch's marina in cape may.
The seas were flatter that day and the skies brighter. This brightness continued for the rest of our second leg: up the jersey coast.

Saturday June 25
7 am anchor up and underway. A huge dredge operation going on in Atl City pass was something to maneuver. Left 2 hours before low tide and found calm, rolling seas with cool enough temps for a jacket.we motorsailed on a broad reach all the way for the 28 miles to the inlet. We arrived with the tide going in at 1330 to find many small craft out and about as we carefully watched for the marks designating the channel. We were Leary about stoping in Barnegat as the chart shows no marks for the channel because the sand shifts often and the channel must be remarked. So we called the coast guard station to inquire and they sent us to Tow boat US. The staff there were very friendly and told us for our 5 ft5onch draft we would have no problem. We followed the marks they gave us and did fine. We anchored insures Jole just inside the inlet on view of their impressive lighthouse. We called John McGill's sister and her husband to say hello and invite them to the boat, but they had planned a feast of tuna and clams for us so we politely obliged! John and Eileen Meko were so very kind and welcoming! We enjoyed a ovely Mel and evening with them then back to the boat by dink before del. The next day promisedsunshine and good winds so we would push ahead.

Sunday June 26, 2011

We were awaken by our designated alarm mate Lulu the cat. She sleeps all day then guards the ship at night and as soon as light appears in the sky, she meows. She knows we have a long day ahead to make the 68 miles to Sandy Hook, NJ. Anchor up and underway by 0630 as we leave we count9 sailboats anchored and one large trawler, all with plenty of room to swing.already to the pass at 0700 and so are 20 other small craft! The narrow inlet already churning as we leave on the outgoing we turned north to set our sails we find 8 knots of wind! The winds stayed 8-12 knots All day and we were just able to carry the sails on a close haul. The seas are even flatter today and it is a beautiful day! Still chilly enough for a jacket.

We pulled the jib out too fast and when we went to roll it up as we closed in on Sandy Hook, D had to go forward and unroll the jib furling line on the spool as it had overlapped low on the spool. This was a first time situation for us for on Second Wind. Conditions were good tho and no danger of losing D overboard. By 1630 or 4:30we were anchored at horseshoe cove at Sandy Hook.
We spy the skyline of Manhattan as we enter NY's Lower Bay. Time to relax and reprovision and get in some Exercise!!!

We have just completed the 2nd leg of the trip.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The beautiful Jersey coast

Greetings from our ship !
We are presently under full sail on a 30degree coarse north for sandy Hook, New jersey!
Mr. Thrif-T is at the helm making 6.3 knots with 10 knots of cool breeze. We have had 3 days in a row of sunny, clear skies for good sailing.

We have pushed on everyday because their are many variables to balance when sailing up the jersey coast. There is the time of high and low tide in the narrow inlets to consider. It is of course preferred to have the tide coming with you as you come into harbor and the tide ebbing out with you as you depart an inlet for the north Atlantic. So, one should calculate when it is good to leave one inlet and choosing the best time to be coming into the next desired inlet. also, it is very inadvisable to enter an inlet when the wind direction is in opposition to the direction of the tide. If this occurs it can make for a rough or even dangerous ride.In addition, one must consider the basic weather forcast and determine if the wind speed and direction will be such that you can make your destination in daylight hours to avoid coming into an unfamiliar port at night.

we arrived Atlantic City and anchored in a basin behind rum point. We heard about the spot from our friends Al and Marianne Berard of Annapois.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Stubbed our toe on the second leg

After a delightful day ashore in cape may, we departed our anchorage at 0630 pn Thurs June 23 and motored out the cape may inlet. We turned north for Atlantic city and set our sails with motor assist and shortly after heard a rumbling noise from below. The engine appeared to be fine but the noise continued and was made worse when at higher engine rpms and on a broad reach with following seas. So we turned back to cape may and had the boat hauled. We removed the feathering high max tech prop and installed the original prop.
After a trip back out the pass, all was well under the same conditions!

Hot and tired, we did a few loads of laundry ,showered and David graciously insisted we dine again at the lobster house. After 1.5 hours enjoying a drink outside, we checked on our table inside. When we found it still not ready, we yawned and went back to the boat and enjoyed a delicious homemade, leftover cold meatloaf sandwich! Oh well, at least some restaurant is thriving in this economy ! A goodnight in a slip at utsch's marina.

We send this message from offshore while under sail for Atlantic City.
Saltily yours,
Cindra and David

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First leg of trip completed!

Hello everyone,
We arrived and anchored behind Reedy Island on the De. bay yesterday in time for lunch. The cloudy skies gave way to a sunny, clear afternoon. for the first time, we used a kellik to assure that when the current and tide opposed one another we would not wrap our anchor line around our keel and possibly delay our start the next morning.john Matthews introduced us to the idea, and it did it's job!

We left anchor at Reedy this morning at 0600 under cloudy skies and light rain. We rode the outgoing tide for most of the morning seeing speeds of up to 9.4 kn with the engine at 2100rpm. the AIS system helped us spot tankers several miles down Bay.
We arrived at the back entrance or Cape May canal at noon. Skies cleared and after taking on more fuel, water and getting a pumpout, we anchored just off the coast guard station. We dinghied in to the Lobster House for fresh monkfish and clams and steamed lobster!! fantastic!! back to the boat where the wind is howling thru our rigging - a night in the 60's means good sleeping.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Underway at last!

June 20, 2011
We shoved off on yesterday from Annapolis under cloudy skies with 5 to 10 kn wind and good current pushing us an extra kn. up the Chesapeake Bay - a nice Fathers Day gift! After motoring into light north winds we Arrived at our chosenanchorage at Still Pond - 30 nau. Miles north on the easternshore of Md. One of the nice things @ still pd. Is its easy access to the Chesapeake Bay.
We anchored at noon and had lunch. We spotted 2 large red wolves on the shore line about 50 yards away. We planned our route for coming days and read about the ports in Maine. Plenty of time to simmer a Chunky spaghetti sauce for supper.
Great night sleep in the 60's.
Departed 0630 for The Chesapeake Delaware canal and anchorage at Reedy point off De. bay.
More to come
Cindra and David

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Preparations and provisioning to sail north

June 14, 2011
Hello friends!
We have been busy for the past 2 weeks dewinterizing the boat and having Second Wind "splashed" which means lifted from her cradle on land and carried in the sling of a travel lift and lowered into the water on Back Creek here in Annapolis, Md. Now you know why people cut things short by saying splashed!!

Our tasks have ranged from a thorough inspection of the engine and rigging to working with a technician to clear a gas line leading to one stove top burner to selecting and ordering a line cutter for a diver to install just forward of the prop in the event we snag a lobster trap this summer. Food supplies (ESP. Gluten free items) are being stowed in all the space available as some seaports will not have a grocery within walking distance.
We did take shakedown cruise to Oxford, attend a fun Beneteau Rendezvous with 60 other Beneteau owners.
We expect to shove off the dock this Sat. Morning with our first night at Still Pond where we will anchor for the night, and then continue north to the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal on Sunday.
More later.
Cindra And David