Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Perfect Day for a trip to Mt Desert Island

After toast and locally ground sausage, we dropped the tether to the free mooring from Crnter Harbor Yacht Club and slowly motored out towards the channel. A clear crisp morning without a cloud in the sky at 0930.
The yacht club already had some 8-10 yr olds sailing small boats thru the mooring field. One kid turned his boat over and yes, "went turtle" as I say. He surfaced and in ainute was up standing on the bottom on the over turned boat. We motored slowly past him and D. Asked "How
Is the water ?" he smiled and said "Okay for Maine; ok for me!"

The water is freezing up here and since the air is cool you don't even have to consider taking a dip!
We started the day with 4.5 knots of wind from the west / northwest . Eventually we carried the jib. As we headed out the final stretch of Eggemoggin Reach, we encountered a sea of lobster pots. Thank goodness it wasn't rough or we would not have seen half of them. It cleared up when we got to Casco Passage but got thick as land mines as we headed thru Western Way which leads to SWest and NEast Harbors. Two regattas were in full swing which really made it a challenge! Picture this: the most beautiful mountains and evergreen trees lining rocky shores and you have piraƱa surrounding your boat! A bit distracting wouldn't you say? Nevertheless, we made it in safely and took a spot at an inner harbor floating dock at MEast Harbor!
It is hard to believe we have arrived at this our most desired destination! The gal who received our radio call for a spot was like a marketing dream! She made us feel so welcome and answered all our immediate questions. Nice to meet someone who takes pride in their work ! Hot showers, brochures and a walk thru town for a nice dinner! good night!

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