Friday, August 5, 2011

Ghosting into Camden

Camden ----boats preparing for race
With light and variable winds, we left Rockland where we passed by a large US Navy ship anchored outside the breakwater. The ship comes on every year for the lobster feat so as to improve morale, I suppose!
Sunny skies and clouds that look like the ones you see in movies of the English countryside.
We sailed off course to carry the sails the short 14 miles. It was nice to sail without concerns of arriving before dark.
We had lunch and eyed the beautiful Camden hills ahead.
We passed by the"graves" just before turning to the red number 2 mark leafing past Curtis Island and it's lighthouse. Words like the "graves" tends to get the severe attention of a couple of southerners!! But I am starting to relax even tho the chart continues to speak of "ledges" and "rocks".
We arrived at our inner harbor float which I'd a small floating piece of a dock anchored to the harbor floor for which to come alongside to tie up and stay for the night. They provide a better "ride" thru the night of unfavorable conditions come up.

The harbor and town is one of Maine's loveliest, and the shopping is a step above the other cities thus far. Gloria Oehlert drove over to meet us for lunch and she took I'd ip to the top of Mt. Battie where FDR stayed in the hotel that once stood on the spot but was later burned to the ground. Fabulous views of most all the islands in Penobscot Bay! All the way to Mt Desert and Acadia Natnl.Park!! Gloria showed Cindra a sweet chapel on the Wood's built and given to the people by a generous woman. Very peaceful and such a secret.
You know your husband is married to the right woman when he leaves his fleece pullover on a park post and his wife happens to come along and pick it up and ID it!!

We had another animal encounter this time with a loon. It flew and landed on our davits which hoist the dinghy up out of the water. Our cat Lulu sprang to her feet and jumped up for a closer look. I carefully spoke to Lulu to discourage her ,and David blew a fog horn to scare it- but nothing. So I then waved my arms, still nothing! Then I picked up a towel and swung it around and with that he finally took off!

Leaving in the am for Islesboro and Gilkey Harbor the location for a "gam" or gathering of members of the 7 seas cruising assoc. We only travel one sea and a few gulfs, but if you pay your dues they take anyone!There should be some 60 cruising boats there for a pot luck lunch and a noted author historian to speak. Looking forward to it as we may reunite with some sailors we have met in Annapolis in past years.

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