Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Arrived into Rockland Harbor

We dropped off our mooring in Tenants Harbor Sunday, July 31 mid morning after cutting and slicing a half of a fresh, wonderful cantaloupe and wrapping half of the melon to share with an older couple on their boat named "tango" moored next to us. They have a yellow lab and 2 cats on board. They keep a car here at Tenants and have family or friends meet th here to daysail and they can go to art openings and activities in Rockland when they are interested.

The day was sunny from the very beginning and after passing by the empty lighthouse structures on Southern Island (now occupied by some members of the Wyeth family) we pointed east toward Rockland and were soon under full sail with 5-10 kn of wind.
We had another seal sighting as we evidently snuck up on a large seal with his head and back of neck exposed above water. We him looked 90 degrees to the left and saw us 30 ft away
, he dove under water.
At noon, we called Cathy and Herb Stackhouse to let them know we were sailing thru Muscle Ridge Channel at that moment within in view of their cottage on Seal Bay. We caught them at home and Herb came out an waved! I could see him thru the binoculars!
We carried the sails beautifully thru the long channel and arrived at Owl's Head Lighthouse on Owls Head at 2:30pm and after going to the dock at Journey's End Marina to have a pumpout and take on water, we a were settled on our mooring by is a nice harbor tho half of the waterfront is occupied by old seafood packing buildings that are now used to store boats for the winter.
We met up with Cathy and Herb again on Monday afternoon and they drove us east where we saw thecows that look like Oreo cookies: black or dark brown skins fore and act and a white band around their center!!
We drove thru Rockport and stopped to see their Tony "inlet" of a harbor surrounded by a park, and then we drove on eastward toward Camden voted the village with the most lovely harbor in Maine. The line between Rockport and Camden is no line aT all- the beautiful homes of Rockport blend gently into those of Camden. They showed us the town park set on a rising hill where people sit to enjoy music from bands down on the waters edge. We then all discovered the Riverside footbridge which had fantastic fleer baskets hanging along the railings! A multitude of photos were taken there. We got a taste of the highend galleries which primarily focused on the beauty of Maine and the harbors. So much to see! A very quaint town with several good restaurants. We enjoyed the Warefront Restaurant that evening and thoroughly loved it even tho the fog came in so thick we could no longer see the harbor!
Back to the boat before dark in the fog- we have decided that taking a hand-held compass bearing might be a good idea in the future tho we found Second Wind easily.we became acquainted with the laundry mat on Park St and jess' Seafood Market where we bought fresh halibut, a Quart of tiny, sweet fresh Maine blueberries(my first taste of these) and heirloom tomatoes! How delicious!went to bed feeling like kings!
Herb and Cathy have really helped us learn our way around!
Today we will walk up to buy a prepaid data device as we are not sure that we will be able to check weather buoys with AT&T for the next few weeks before we leave the boat for the winter.
David decided t Journeys End here in Rockland is the place so we will return here in early to late Sept to haul out.For now, On with the day! The sun is out, and Camden awaits!
Cindra and David

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