Thursday, August 11, 2011

Center Harbor, Me.

The wind was light in the morning , but filled on as the day went on. We sailed several hours thru west Penobscot Bay to the entrance to Eggemoggin Reach which runs slowly from the northwest to southeast ( that is, from the end where we have chosen to enter) Afterall, direction depends on from where you start. True in most things. Not sure where this stroke of genius came from?!
Eggemoggin Reach is a about 10 miles long and it is generous on size tho narrow as in a pass through. We carried the sails most of the way to Center Harbor which dies not have A town on it's waters edge rather a simply sweet cedar house painted barn red with s gray roof, large weathered porch strewn with old wooden rockers and 2 bikes leaning against the rail out front. Yellow daisies grow waist high on each side of the straight dock leading ashore.
All that is here is the folksy yacht club and moored boats of all sizes.
A college age fellow had told us on the phone earlier that they did not reserve their guest mooring : first come, first serve and no charge.

We arrived first so we picked up the tether to the mooring ball and wrapped it onto our cleat: "all set" as they say up here.
We went ashore and found the clubhouse empty but 8 cars parked on the grass. The drivers were daysailors and they were out enjoying the 13 knots that was blowing. We walked down the lane past gray cedar cottages and even a mother and 2 toddlers playing in a sand box. We soon met the main road and after almost a mile came to the crossroads where Brooklyn, Me. Stands.
D. Got a newspaper and settled in on a bench while I went into the little perfectly tended white Friends Library to see the 2 original plates of illustrations from EB White's"Stuart Little". E B is from these parts and he donated them to the library. E B 's son was a master boat designer and his son runs the boarders here at Center Harbor now.
I met a lady working with clay who was the artist that produced a huge painting of a zebra hanging on the gallery wall. It is a 3 person show as the local artists take turns showing in the space.
After talking to Betsy at Betsy's Kitchen and things, I realized she had owned 3 stores in Appalachicola for 10 years before moving to Maine tho they kept a lot there for later. We love Appalach.

Bought another quart of lil blueberries and milk from the lil general store and hiked home.
Rain came thru the night and joined with fog all day on Wed. Stayed on the boat all day reading, plotting a course on the chart, reading about Acadia Ntnl park and Southwest Harbor and Northeast Harbor where people say is where you want to be for exploring. Can hardly believe we ate almost to out downeast

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