Friday, August 12, 2011

Land trip to Blue Hill, Me.

My friend, Richard Holk whom I met at EFM at Christ Church a few years ago arranged to shoe us around Brooklin and the surrounding area which took us to the slightly larger town tho still a village of Blue Hill. Blue Hill is a remarkable part of the landscape and I could see it from atop Mt Battie in Camden. It gets it's blue look from the many wild blueberry bushes and pines that cover it.
I clicked pictures the whole way even tho it was quite a cloudy morning: sheep in a field, coves, the rapid current running under the bridge to B. H. Where kids attach a line to the bridge and stand atop their surf boards and surf so to speak while the tide runs! forests, wild flowers, a great sun lit view from Naskeag Point of Mt Cadillac across the Blue Hill Bay on Mt Desert and the yacht club at BH.
The funny thing is the town dock is high and dry every 6 hours at high tide so you have to tie your dink up at the Yacht Club and walk about a mile into town if the tide is not "with you" so to speak.
We stopped at a health food store and the Brooklin Farmers Mkt held just once a week and visited the Wooden Boat School which is called "a cult for men" by Molly the wife of the president of the school whom we met at Islesboro then met again by chance on the dock at the Boat School!
Richard educated us to the names of the different classic small wooden yachts : pea pod, the dory with a tombstone end, the beetle and many others. Richard was a Fine guide, and we hope to meet him in Pensacola in the winter when he is home in Magnolia Springs, Al.
The sun is out and after some maple sausage from the farmers Mkt, we drop off the mooring for Northeast at Acadia Natn'l Park!!!

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