Tuesday, August 9, 2011

On to Bucks Harbor or further Center Harbor

Sunny, beautiful crisp morning.
After spending much time reminiscing about dear Louis, we decide to plot waypoints for Eggemoggin Reach where we will stop at Bucks H. Or go onto to Center Harbor where in the summer classes are taught at the wooden boat school. Many owners of classic yachts keep their boat there and since rain is predicted for tomorrow, it might be a good time to visit the friendly school and hopefully meet up with Richard Holk from Magnolia Springs, Ala. Cindra met him at EFM at Christ Church Pcola a few years ago. He keeps his 32 Westsail in the Benjamin River and May hang out at the wooden boat school alot.

If a posting doesn't come again for a few days, it will be because of poor Internet reception due to low clouds also known as fog! And the lack of an ATT presence in these parts!

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