Monday, September 5, 2011

Days relaxing seemed to last forever

Seal Bay was good therapy. We spent the 4 days reading, sorting thru clothing and gear to decide what to take off the boat for the winter and what to leave.
D finished a book and started another. This summer has been his most literary one yet!!

We arose with and before the sun on most days and captured the beginning of each new day. Sunrise is totally different here than any place we have sailed. The early morning fog can shroud the sun and prevent the burst of light one experiences in most places. The tall spruce and fir trees silhouetted against the sky are some what mysterious and contemplative.

We listened to a variety of bird calls and watched for seals but saw none.

The days were measured by the tides. One to two foot changes every hour. the granite ledges becoming more and more exposed then more and more engulfed. Rocks and ledges disapeering then reappearing layer in the day. Nothing staying the same. Gentle changes constantly. The star lit skies were deep black and brilliant with light. The half-moon took it's rightful place in the silent night with the water constantly at work.

I wish everyone could have this solitude experience at least once. A Perfect ending to a summer cruise. Reflecting on the days now gone by.

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