Friday, September 2, 2011

Nature calls us to Castine, Maine

We departed before our Hinkley family: the Warners . Mr Warner had said before he could marry his wife, her Dad required that he get a ham radio license so they could always be in touch. He laughed, but I could tell his father- in- law had alot of power!

Mother nature also has alot of power because both Second Wind and Minicoy (the boat name is the same as the name of an island off Cape Horn that her grandfather used to pass when sailing off So Africa)needed a holding tank pump out, and Bucks Harbor
Marine sold fuel and could provide water and showers and even ice-cream but NO pumpout. Benjamin River Marine and Frenchboro and Somesville offered no services. So our plan was to sail a small bit out of the way to Castine for the pumpout then head south to Seal Bay.
We changed our minds and decided to stay the night at Castine for another supper at Stellas and to go to the farmers market on the town square on Court St.the next day: thursday 9-11. The pan caramelized scallops at Stellas were almost as good as Christine Reddicks! We picked up a yacht club mooring but could not raise anyone by phone. We figured the club attendants may have gone back to school so we spent the mooring fee at Stellas!
We enjoyed browsing earlier that afternoon at the Wilson museum, and D watched a Woodturning demo while I toured the 1763 Perkins House next door. It had been saved in 1968 when declared a fire hazard and disassembled and moved and reassembled in it's present location next to the W. Museum as they were in need of more space for the artifacts/collection. I sampled several food items they prepared in the house kitchen over the course of the summer! When I said the tour was as good as Williamsburg, the guide/and museum director thanked me and said "in Williamsburg, they cook over the open fire but they don't let people taste it- we do!" Tomorrow, on to Seal Bay (Dave and Carol Bennett's favorite Maine anchorage.

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