Monday, September 5, 2011

Sailors Retreat at Seal Bay

What a beautiful anchorage! Saturday was sunny and cool and, we met a nice couple named Jim and Mimi. They were dinghying by with a young golden retriever when I waved at them, and they approached. I asked them if it was true that one could circumnavigate the Penobscot Island in a dinghy at high tide. They confirmed the story and said they were just going to dinghy to the end of the anchorage where one can access a road at high tide where their golden, Glori, could run. They asked if we had come all the way from Florida, and we told them yes but this year only from as far as Annapolis. On their return, they invited us for a cocktails on their 53 foot cutterrigged sloop designed by Ladd in Annapolis(if I have all that correct). Ends ip they live and work in Boston and keep their boat at Freeport on a mooring in the summer and haul it out at Plymouth, the fall. He is am engineer and her work has been in marketing tho now she is getting a certificate in art from MFA Boston! The boat was so spacious and the wood was a whitewashed maple which reflected alot of light. They bought the boat 5 yrs ago when it 7 yrs old. They had hoped to sail the world but I sensed she had reservations. They cruise Maine most weekends all summer.
Jim and mimi agreed that instead of leaving Seal Bay on Labor Day weekend they would stay put and enjoy the best if places instead of moving to Perry Creek. So at Seal Bay we stayed... For 4 nights!

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