Monday, June 25, 2012

Back in Rockland, Maine

Hello Landlubbers,
We arrived by car a few days ago, and we were happy to arrive to temperatures in the 70's! As we approached Rockland the fog was rolling in, and we loved it as we had been enduring hot travel days!

Yesterday after attending a service at St Peter's Episcopal in Rockland, we packed a picnic of lobster salad and sat at the public park above the harbor for dinner. Arriving on the weekend has forced us to relax as we could not really start the ball rolling on dropping Second Wind into the water which first requires stepping the mast and replace the rigging.

We snuck LULU into the Navigator Hotel disquised as a small dog. For some reason, the pet policy is dogs only. She is enjoying being a dog for a few days! Though her bark is more like as squeak.

Now onto the making of the shopping list for provisions!

Cindra, David and Lulu

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