Friday, September 2, 2011

Bucks Harbor, Maine

Ashore, we found the store in the tiny house that serves as the BH Marine office and store, clean bathrooms and 2 outdoor showers like you see in coastal living! We hiked up the steep drive that leads to the main road and found an unmanned blackberry stand set up by The Three Sisters! Homemade Blkberry jam and fresh berries with an honor system money jar. We turned left at the top of the marine road and could see BH Store and the Methodist church. Inside the store much to our surprise we found our favorite gluten free frozen bread and pizza crust. So we decided tonight would be Pizza Night! Pepperoni,sauce, black olives would go perfectly with the other things onboard.
We found the Restaurant "bucks" outside and behind the general store. We were told the chef/owner had moved to BH from Blue Hill and was quite accomplished. Maybe next time.

The BH Yacht club had just been locked up when we arrived on foot, but we guessed the famous burgee was the one framed under glass above the fireplace. A member told us the summer clubhouse attendant had left to go back to college. We had a great view from the club porch and the rocking chairs were great.
That night around 7:15 I was preparing the pizza when I heard the sound of chain clanging. I went above to find that the windjammer "Angelique" had just dropped anchor under full sails. We watched the crew slowly lower the sails so the wind helped to set their anchor. There were about 20 people on the 3-4 day cruise on deck watching and anticipating happy hour I am sure.
We said hello to the family on the boat that took the mooring next to us. There were 2 girls and their patents onboard the small Hinckly. We watched them playing cards in the cockpit while their dinner cooked in their oven.
The next morning we got to know the family. The boat was built the same year the mother on board was born and purchased by her grandfather. The boat now is her father's now and she grew up sailing on it and they take the girls for a week long cruise every summer. Mom is trying to keep it interesting so they will keep sailing!
About 9:30 I heard an airplane above. I had not heard such a loud noise in some time. I noticed the dad talking on his handheld radio and soon realized he was communicating with the plane! It turned out to be the mom's father just flying over to check thongs out! The husband confided that his father in law was always in close touch! Soon we all set sail for Castine.

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