Thursday, July 26, 2012

Photos from Mt.Desert Island and Acadia National Park

Soda Fountain in old Drug Store in Bar Harbor
Looking out at Bar Harbor

Watching a little girl row her dog to the rocky shore at low tide for him to do his business before bedtime!
Views from biking on the carriage roads in Acadia National Park!
These Mainers really love their dogs and everyone else's dogs as they are welcome into businesses. The owner of this pup was invited to bring him into the posh dress shop but she declined. I did though see a lady with her dog on a leash in the small town grocery last night! Dogs are also welcome on a leash on the carriage roads and all trails!

Used Morris: Sundance a Justine 36

Cirra the Reader Dog at Northeast Library which incidentally sells hot cocoa or coffee IN the library!!

Fresh pan fried Halibut onboard "Second Wind"
Got to go enjoy this Halibut while it is hot!

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