Thursday, July 26, 2012

Heading for Heaven: Mt. Desert Island

On Wednesday, July 18, we dropped off the mooring at KYC and headed down Blue Hill Bay. We passed along Long Island and north or above Tinker Island and ontoward Bass Harbor Bar. We had never crossed the Bar before so we talked to other cruisers (when we found some other cruisers) in Blue Hill. Our guidebook stated that one would not be wise to cross with a strong opposing wind to a strong tide as the water is relatively shallow and can get quite choppy and rough under those conditions. But we had light winds and not a heavy current so we passed thru fine ,rounded the point and up Western Way to Northeast Harbor. A small regatta was in progress so we ducked past them and into the harbor where we took a floating dock in the far north end of the harbor. Our float ended up being one of 2 with water piped to the float!
Two hours after arriving, I realized that Contemplative Prayer was to be held that day at 5:30pm so I was thrilled to walk to St Mary's by the Sea and join the friendly group led by the lady rector, Patricia.
We found the town grocery to be much improved over last year with fresher produce and meats!
Some of the activites we have enjoyed thus far have been biking on the carriage roads to include Aunt Betty's pond which incidentally has a small mountain to climb going in and an even bigger one coming out! Ha! Names of trails can be deceiving!
David enjoyed a sea kayak trip, and we both have appreciated finiding out about the Neighborhood house's new fitness room which we have used severa times for only $5 per visit.
The farmers market is right at the harbor/marina area every Thursday 9-12 and is great!We rode the Islander bus into Southwest Harbor for breakfast at Sea Biscuits one morning and bought fresh Halibut to cook that night.
We enjoyed Morning Prayer on Sunday at St Mary's and the Morris Used Boat Show here in our harbor,too. We like the Morris but they have engine driven refrigeration that may not work so well in a Florida or hot climate.(?)
One day to charge our batteries, we motored to the Cranberry Islands to check out the mooring set up and get our bearings in case we decide to go over with our boat vs. taking a ferry for a day. The Islesford Dock Restaurant is said to be gourmet in a rustic setting.
We have enjoyed our "Float mates" in NE Harbor. One boat was from Holland and had 3 young daughters onboard who were so beautiful with their blond hair and beautiful skin! And now we have a nice couple: Robin and Bob from Huntington Long Island on their Morgan 38 CC.
Tonight the Flash in the Pan Band plays on the lawn here, and everyone is bringing a picnic.
Just today while posting this blog in the library, we met "Cirra" the reader dog who is a Great Pyrenees who comes and listens to young readers. Cirra also visits the local long term care facility.What a gentle and beautiful dog! Robin the owner was very friendly and dedicated.
Photos of all to come!

Cindra (and David)

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