Monday, July 16, 2012

Finally out of Rockland and going "down east!"

We shoved off the dock in Rockland for the last time for a while on Wednesday, July 11 in the afternoon as soon as the tiny "o ring" was installed and the frig charged.
We had a great sail across West Penobscot Bay through the Fox Island Throughfare and past the town of North Haven to Perry Creek off the island of Vinal Haven for an quiet, protected anchorage. Down the creek we could see a small gray floating house with flower boxes under the windows! A fashionable fishing shack? The guide directed us toward the red barn where we picked up a private mooring.
After a a great night of sleep, we dropped the mooring tether and motored out of the creek around the ledges at Little Mouse Island and back into Fox Island Thoroghfare to West Penobscot Bay and turned east toward Isle au Haut. At 11 am, we sailed into heavy fog with 25 yards visibility! We could just make out the lobster traps and toggles so as to avoid them and not get them fouled in our prop or on our rutter. Thankfully all the instruments worked, and the fog lifted in 30 minutes before we needed visual sight of the entrance to Isle au Haut Thoroughfare where we would moor for a few days.
More than half of Isle au Haut or High Island (556 ft high, 2 by 6 miles long and 15 miles around by gravel road) was purchased  in 1879 by the grandson of the famous seaman Nathaniel Bowditch for a gentlemans club and later once all the gentlemen were married with families it became a rustic retreat for the families. In 1945, the families donated the land to Acadia National Park. There are trials to hike though not well worn, and the park offers only composting toilets and shelter/lean to  for campers who might venture to the island via a small ferry from Stonington on Deer Isle, Maine.
Perry Creek off Vinal Haven, Maine
looking toward the gray floating house with flower boxes

Ferry leaving Isle au Haut for Stonington, Maine
Beach near Moore's Harbor on Isle au Haut where I found some lobster float line and drift wood for future art collage(?)
Kendra Hubbock, owner of the Shore Gift shop offered us her truck to drive the road on the island, and we took her up on the offer!  Very rustic with only a few views of the water. A nice colorful bog and a rock beach were good stops. Best of all was the stop at the Island Lighthouse and Black Dinah Chocolatiers where we met Kate Shaffer the self-trained chocolate chef who has made quite a name for herself as seen in Martha Stewart magazine. When her much loved dog died, she went to making chocolate to console herself that winter. Got to love her- she is a dog lover.
Cindra and Kate Shaffer at Black Dinah Chocolatiers on Isle au Haut
Cindra and David

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  1. I'm having so much fun following you guys!! Have a great time and be safe! Love you Both!! xoxo