Sunday, June 26, 2011

The beautiful Jersey coast

Greetings from our ship !
We are presently under full sail on a 30degree coarse north for sandy Hook, New jersey!
Mr. Thrif-T is at the helm making 6.3 knots with 10 knots of cool breeze. We have had 3 days in a row of sunny, clear skies for good sailing.

We have pushed on everyday because their are many variables to balance when sailing up the jersey coast. There is the time of high and low tide in the narrow inlets to consider. It is of course preferred to have the tide coming with you as you come into harbor and the tide ebbing out with you as you depart an inlet for the north Atlantic. So, one should calculate when it is good to leave one inlet and choosing the best time to be coming into the next desired inlet. also, it is very inadvisable to enter an inlet when the wind direction is in opposition to the direction of the tide. If this occurs it can make for a rough or even dangerous ride.In addition, one must consider the basic weather forcast and determine if the wind speed and direction will be such that you can make your destination in daylight hours to avoid coming into an unfamiliar port at night.

we arrived Atlantic City and anchored in a basin behind rum point. We heard about the spot from our friends Al and Marianne Berard of Annapois.

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